Ana Ibáñez

My name is Ana Ibañez Córdoba. I am a Spanish translator for French, Portuguese and English. I specialise, among other areas, in law, economics and certified translations.

After completing my graduate degree in law I spent three years in France, where I obtained a postgraduate diploma in international economics and development.
My time in France not only allowed me to improve my French but also to soak up the local culture and multicultural lifestyle, and to grow as a human being. On my return to Spain, I decided to go back to university and study translation, which turned out to be my real vocation.

Once I had finished my studies, I worked at a translation centre in Valencia for some years. This experience taught me about the needs and dynamics of the world of translation. In 2003, I made the decision to establish myself as a self-employed freelancer and have been working in collaboration with translation agencies as well as other customers to our mutual satisfaction ever since.

Apart from work I have another passion: study and research. This enables me to acquire understanding of other disciplines and to widen my field of expertise as a professional.

Should you have any questions, I am entirely at your disposal.

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Methodology and Criteria

I only accept projects I feel qualified for and where I am able to provide a quality service in the required timeframe.

I read the original text in detail together with any other documents that a customer might facilitate, engage in my own research, and look for accompanying information if necessary.

I then carry out the translation with the help of said materials, glossaries, dictionaries, the Internet, and by strictly adhering to the customer’s specifications.

What follows is a revision of the translation, taking into account the following criteria:

  • Format: the translation shall be as close to the original as possible unless otherwise indicated.
  • Content: the information contained in the text shall be reflected accurately and faithfully in the target text.
  • Style: the translation shall reflect the style of the original and, yet, read like a text originally conceived in the target language.
  • Spelling and typography.

I undertake to maintain strict confidentiality regarding the content of the translations as such, as well as the information provided by my customers in the context of our collaboration.

As a signed member I subscribe to the deontological code of the Spanish Association of Translators, Proofreaders and Interpreters (ASETRAD).


Academic Background

  • 1999: Graduate degree in Translation and Intepretation from the University of Granada / Spain.
  • 1999: Official certification for French to Spanish Translation and Interpretation.
  • 1992: Postgraduate diploma in Law, International Economics and Development from the University of Paris V (René Descartes).
  • 1990: Graduate degree in Law from the University of Córdoba / Spain.

Work Experience

  • Self-employed full-time translator since 2003 after several years in employment at a translation centre.
  • Specialisation in translation of legal and business-related documents.
  • Certified translator for certifications and certificates, academic titles and records, adoption forms, statutes of association, company statutes, as well as other administration-related documents.
  • Experience in many other fields such as botany, the environment, tourism, the hospitality industry, advertising and marketing, etc.
  • Member of the cultural association Producciones Reversibles, dedicated to theatre.

  • Member of the governing board and the programming team of the cultural association Cine Cercano, dedicated to cinema.

  • Producer of the Afiche film podcast.

Other Qualifications

  • 2021. Master’s degree in Medical Translation (282 hours). AulaSIC, Barcelona.
  • 2007. Technician in Management and Organisation of Natural and Landscape Resources. Learning Centre: Aljanadic, Córdoba.

Work Tools

  • Desktop computer and laptop.
  • Internet connection.
  • Computer-assisted translation and terminology management applications.
  • Dictionaries, grammar reference guides, style manuals, etc.

A few more words about myself

I guess one of the reasons why I have dedicated my life to translation is because I love words and their infinite possibilities. Words are like a vehicle for expression and communication and, at the same time, for creativity and imagination. This is why literature is one of my great passions, and why I decided to take the leap from reading to writing. I have published a book of poems, a collection of micro stories and some booklets. I have also collaborated in a number of anthologies.

I also love pictures and imagery, stripped of words – photography and visual poetry – or in combination with them – comics and cinema.

I am fond of art, botany, nature and travelling. I am a member of the Cordoban Society of Natural History. And I also consider myself to be a person with a social conscience.


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